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Techcomp Group is engaged in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of analytical instruments, life science equipment and laboratory instruments. Operations are grouped into 2 3 business segments: molecular spectroscopy, chromatography and laboratory products.’

Below is the list of companies that we represent. Our partners may vary from country to country.

For more details about our partners, please click on the respective “logos”.

Antec Scientific

For more than 30 years Antec Scientific has been the world leading supplier of analytical instrumentation based on Electrochemistry (EC). Antec’s line of instruments includes:

  • electrochemical detectors (ECD), 
  • Analyzers built on HPLC-ECD
  • & electrochemical reactors for online coupling with MS (EC-MS).

Orbis B.V.

Orbis develop high end laboratory equipment primarily for the petrochemical industry with a rangce of products such as Automatic Distillation Units, and Cloud and Pore point testing.

The products include:

  • STARDist is a brand-new Automatic Distillation Unit and includes new and innovative features such as Optical Dry Point Detection, VOC Cold Trap, HD Volume Scan, Automatic Heater Lift, Smart Heater Control and much more.

Methods: ASTM D86, D1078, D850, EN ISO 3405, IP123, JIS K2254, and other related methods

  • AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer for Cold Filter Plugging Point testing. AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer fully complies with the requirements of relevant CFPP methods. And it is equipped with all functionality you expect from a modern CFPP instrument.

Methods: ASTM D6371, EN116, IP309, JIS K2288, EN16329 (linear cooling method)

  • AirSTAR CPPP Analyzer This fully automatic instrument for Cloud & Pour Point testing is based on ColdBlock, the exact same cooling unit that is also part of the AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer. 

The CP/PP Head is a “2-in-1” tester for both Cloud Point and Pour Point testing. It is equipped with a smart HD camera to interpret sample behaviour and determine the test result. Pour point testing is based on the “tilting methods” 

Methods: Cloud point: ASTM D2500*, ISO 3015*, JIS K2269m*

Pour Point: ASTM D97*, D5853, D6892, ISO 3016*, JIS K2269m*, Chinese GB/T3535

Omnitek B.V.

Omnitek B.V. based in The Netherlands has been on the market for 40 years and is known worldwide for its automatic kinematic viscometry systems covering a wide range of viscosity testing. 

Products include:

  • S-flow series was developed specifically for maximum throughput applications using less than 1 ml of sample.
  • U-Visc models fully comply with ASTM D445 and provide fully automatic, unattended operation.
  • BitUVisc instruments are capable of automatically testing extremely viscous samples such as additives, asphalts, HFO, fuels, lubricants, crude oils, waxes and other Newtonian fluids.

ECH Scientific

ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH is a manufacturer of Electrochemistry solutions. Besides standard products, they develop individual solutions in the field of analysis for our customers.

Products include:

  • Water Determination
  • Titration
  • Gas Sampling
  • Gas Analysis

TE Instruments

Trace Elemental Instruments B.V., designs, develops, manufactures, markets, sells and supports a range of laboratory equipment for industrial, petrochemical and environmental applications. 

TE Instruments have introduced a full range of combustion analyzers and accessories, dedicated to handle all sorts of samples according to ASTM methods and other international standards. Besides combustion analyzers, a variety of complementary sample introduction & pre-treatment systems are part of our offering. The highly innovated fifth generation technology combustion analyzers sets a new standard in the industry.

Products currently serving the Industrial Market are:

  • Total Nitrogen/Total Sulphur/Total Halogen
  • Environmental Analysis for Total Organic Carbon (TOC), AOX (Adsorbable Halogens), POX (Purgeable Halogens) and EOX (Extractable Halogens)

VUV Analytics

Manufacturers of Vacuum Ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy available to the general scientific community for the first time.

VUV Analytics’ vision is to enable new science and better processes by harnessing the unique capabilities of VUV technology.  VUV Analytics manufactures universal vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) spectroscopic detectors that provide a new dimension of chemical analysis accuracy. VUV light creates unique spectral signatures in the gas phase that result in unambiguous compound identification and quantitative analysis across a wide spectrum of complex applications.  Unlike legacy GC detectors, VUV detection delivers scalable 

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Below is the list of companies that we represent. Our partners may vary from country to country.

For more details about our partners, please click on the respective “logos”.