About precisa

Precisa are industry leaders with a worldwide reputation for Precision and Analytical Balances serving a variety of markets from Pharmaceutical to Industrial.

The company has been manufacturing balances since 1935 and are renowned for their Swiss quality and precision. They are globally acknowledged as one of the leading balance manufacturing companies. Precisa prides itself on delivering outstanding customer service which matches its Swiss quality values. Being ISO 9001 certified means that high quality precision is guaranteed throughout the company ensuring that products are always up to date, meet specifications and work reliably for a long time.


Our high-quality semi-micro, analytical and precision balances are characterized by Swiss quality, highest resolution and precision, short reaction time, stabilization time and versatile interfaces. The high-end instruments are equipped with a generous touch screen to work even more safely and intuitively. The operation can be individually adapted to the user. It is very simple and intuitive and therefore increases productivity. Large weighing pans as standard equipment or application optimised weighing pans for special applications, such as the AeroPan or the VasoFrame, guarantee safe and efficient operation.

With our free software, data can be transferred directly to a printer or PC (Windows).

The balances are used in laboratories for analyses, research and development, incoming inspection, dosing, and for counting and percentage weighing. Furthermore, hydrostatic balances for density determination, carat balances in the jewellery industry, checkweighers in finished packaging, as reference balances in pharmacies or simply for weight determination.

Semi-microbalances (0,01 mg / 0,00001 g)

Semi-microbalances have a readability of 0,01 mg (0,00001 g). We offer these in the high-end series HF, HA, HE, HM, EP and ES with a weighing range of up to 225 g. Semi-microbalances are ideally suited for use in research and development laboratories as well as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, where maximum precision and reliable results are essential.

Analytical balances (0,1 mg / 0,0001 g)

Our analytical balances have a readability of 0,1 mg (0,0001 g) and a weighing range of up to 520 g. They are available in HF, HA, HE, HM, EP, ES, LT, LX, LS and XB models. Our high-resolution instruments are characterized by simple and intuitive operation. They are used in research and development, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, in industry (quality assurance, control, production monitoring) and in educational institutions.

Precision balances (1 mg / 0,001 g, 0,01 g, 0,1 g and 1 g)

Precisa offers a wide range of precision balances. These include all balances with a readability of 1mg (0,001 g), 0,01 g, 0,1 g and 1 g. Precision balances are available in all compact balance series, naturally also in Swiss Made at a competitive price, which is in a convincing cost-benefit ratio. On request, we also offer many of these balances in protection class IP65. Precision balances are used in incoming inspection, for dosing, as checkweighers in the finished packaging and for counting, e.g. of parts in a warehouse.

Industrial scales

Like precision balances, industrial scales are used in incoming inspection, for dosing, as checkweighers in finished packaging and for counting. They are suitable for a tough working environment, as is often the case in production. Precisa offers industrial scales with a readability of 0,1 g and capacities of up to 34 kg or a readability of 1 g and capacities of up to 60 kg. Our platform scales are available with readabilities of 5 g, 10 g or 20 g and capacities of 75 kg, 150 kg and 300 kg for the highest demands on stability and resistance.

Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzers, also known as dryers, work like balances on a gravimetric principle. The sample is heated by a radiant heater (halogen, infrared or dark radiator) and its decrease in weight is continuously recorded until a stable, no longer changing weight value (weight constancy) is obtained. The moisture content is calculated on the basis of the difference in weight between the sample and dry mass (dry matter). There is no need for back weighing as the instrument continuously evaluates the weight. Our moisture analyzers are available with capacities of up to 310 g and a readability of 1 mg / 0,01 % or 0,1 mg / 0,001 % at 124 g capacity. In addition to use in the laboratory, the use of a moisture analyzer in quality control, incoming inspection and production monitoring is particularly profitable thanks to the quickly available result.

Ash Analyzers

Precisa's prepASH thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) automatically measures moisture, ash and loss of ignition at reduced workload and costs. The entire process is monitored and recorded from start to finish in a closed system. The prepASH is designed as an autonomous device and does not require any additional PC. In a single operation, up to 29 samples (macro TGA) and a reference sample are automatically dried or ashed according to your temperature profile in the range from 50°C to 1000°C and the weight profile is continuously recorded and evaluated. Manipulation errors of the samples are excluded during the evaluation. Data acquisition, calculation and logging are fully automatic. Safety and reliability when storing your valuable data and operating parameters are guaranteed. The prepASH works autonomously and the entire working process can be monitored in real time on the prepASH or via the network on your PC. Our TGA offer highest process reliability according to the current quality standards for your company. Typical applications are analyses of thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosets, metals, coal, coke, ceramics as well as a variety of analyses in the chemical, construction, food, animal feed, agricultural product and pharmaceutical industries. When determining sulfated ash, there is no need for critical handling with aggressive acids and the resulting acid vapors at high temperatures. The prepASH is equipped with an integrated analytical balance, with a capacity of 120 g and a readability of 0,1 mg, which allows calculations of content accurate to 0,01‰.

Magnetic stirrer precision balance

The first balance of Precisa that weighs and stirs. A precision balance and a magnetic stirrer in one unit, with a capacity of up to 4200 g and a readability of 0,01 g. With the integrated magnetic stirrer, up to 3 litres of aqueous to low-viscosity solutions can be homogenised. Mixing, diluting, dissolving, emulsifying can be carried out in the simplest way. Maximum stability and repeatability are guaranteed thanks to the ingenious design.


We offer a wide range of suitable and tested accessories, such as printers, remote and secondary displays, interfaces and data cables, to make working with our balances and analytical instruments as efficient and as possible.