Isotopx is a British scientific instrument manufacturing company specialising in the design and production of world class Mass Spectrometers.

The company is a world leader in inorganic magnetic sector Mass Spectrometers specialising in Thermal Ionisation and Noble Gas Mass spectrometers. Isotopx can trace its heritage to the very first commercially developed Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectroscopy (TIMS) instrument launched by VG Micromass in 1973. Isotopx is justifiably proud of its heritage and firmly believes that it provides a strong foundation for the innovative products that it provides today.


Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TIMS)

TIMS is our core area of knowledge and expertise. We have installed instruments throughout the world with returning customers making up the majority of our market due to satisfaction of both instrument quality and customer care. We pride ourselves not only on the unmatched results gained from our TIMS but also our desire to look after our new and existing customers.


The Phoenix is our Flagship product. It’s history dates back to the very first commercially produced TIMS by VG Micromass in 1974. Since then, exceptional advances in engineering and technology by our development team has produced an instrument with the highest precision, sensitivity and stability.


The DG60 is our floor standing, completely software controlled degasser. As the name suggests the DG60 is capable of degassing up to 60 filaments. The software monitors and controls the filaments throughout the degassing cycle and programmable methods make filament degassing as easy as the click of a button. It is able to degass any commercially available filaments and runs off a universal power supply so no transformer is needed.


Using 40 years of experience in magnetic sector mass spectrometry, Isotopx have developed our first noble gas mass spectrometer. It uses two recently patented developments: a high-sensitivity, low-temperature cathode source and high dynamic range ATONA® Faraday amplifiers combined with advancements in electronics and design to produce a truly outstanding instrument.


In collaboration with noble gas users around the world, Isotopx has developed the NGX, a multi-collector noble gas mass spectrometer able to collect any of the noble gases. It retains the simplicity in operation of previous generation instruments but uses modern developments in design and manufacture to produce state of the art performance.


A high level of customisation is available with our extraction lines at Isotopx and working closely with the end user is of most importance when agreeing on final specifications. Preparation lines are mounted on specially designed aluminium frames allowing for a huge amount of flexibility during design as well as accessibility during use. The preparation bench is completely software controlled and integrated into the analysis software to create a simple easy to use system. Despite this we also have specific pre-designed preparation benches for certain applications.



Introducing SIRIX, our all-new large radius gas source stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer. SIRIX features advanced multicollector technology derived from the Phoenix Thermal Ionization MS. It also includes our unique, patented ATONA® amplifier technology in combination with a high sensitivity, high mass resolution spectrometer design. The result is a powerful, versatile, sensitive, stable isotope mass spectrometer that is intuitive to use, and can also be optimised for the most exacting applications, including the measurement of isotopologues.